"As parents, we love sending our son to a Montessori school.  We have seen such growth over the last year and believe our school has really been a huge part of that process. It is such a wonderful and caring environment. Our son is exposed to many different activities; including Spanish and Yoga at such a young age. We love that Le Petite Papillon focuses on key developmental stages and encourages cooperative play. We love that the method of teaching is very individualized to each student.  Our family is looking forward to many years with you."

Thanks so much, 

Amy and Eric Peterson

"We chose Montessori as it allows our daughter to learn about topics she is interested in and to develop individuality."

The Molina Family

"We are very happy of the Montessori Education that our kids are receiving for several reasons:

1.  The Montessori Education helps children become independent. They are taught to work independently and to select lessons themselves based on their skill level. This creates individuals that will continue learning all the time.

 2. My 8 year old son reads for at least 1 hour every night before he goes to bed. Montessori Education helps children understand concepts in diverse ways instead of just learning by heart and repeating like parrots.

3.   Monterssori Education allows children to be “relatively free” and move at their own pace in the classroom. This structure creates an individualized education for each child."

 The Jaramillo Family

"1. My kids are happy and caring

2. My kids are confident and love learning

3. My kids love plants and animals

4. My kids love singing, dancing, running, and jumping

5. My kids know their numbers, letters, and their vocabulary grows exponentially everyday 

6. My kids gain independence everyday

7. My kids love their teachers


My kids can sit in their chair and eat with their spoon

My kids are virtually potty trained 

We Love You LPP!"

The Harrigan Family

"We started sending our first child to LPP in 2010. She was joined by our second child 3 years later.  It is a wonderful environment for our daughters to learn and grow  independently.  The most important point is  our children  love going to school. We are very fortunate to have found such a great school  for our children."

The Assali Family

"Montessori's educational system is excellent and allows my child to have a head start in life. Montessori's education system coupled with Ms. Damarys unique curriculum and extremely effective management provides a un parallel educational foundation for our kids."

Mr. Shamiss

"Montessori Method has been life changing for my son.

The school community and its philosophy made him feel right at home. He has grown his self -esteem and most importantly, he is happy to go to school everyday. 

He is achieving at high level of education. 

Thank you!"

Marffa And Miguel Garrocho



"Dear Montessori Educators,

We wanted to take the opportunity of Montessori week to thank you for all that you do for our little ones. The footprints left on this early stages of their lives will greatly influence the people they will become and we thank you for setting this path. Below is what we feel is great about Montessori Education:

“Mommy, daddy, I can do it by myself…” when we hear Julianna say those words, for us, this is Montessori..…. In this important stage of Julianna’s life, when she is introduced to the world, we constantly see her doing something new by herself and we are amazed to see her flourish into a secure, independent human being. The way she organizes her toys, enjoys a book, how she appreciates music and art, her eagerness to learn about new things, or how she stops to observe and question life itself..  for us this is Montessori.  Thank you Montessori Educators."

Mr. and Ms. Zadeh



"There are a lot of things that I feel are great about the Montessori Education. I am going to write the first three that came to my mind... I love the understanding that each child is different and special! I love that it allows the children to express themselves creatively and the respect that the children at the Montessori School have for each other. I am grateful that my daughter is receiving an amazing education thanks to the Montessori Program and all her teachers."

Andrea Mathison



"Montessori education is awesome! We love the huge variety of hands-on materials, the peaceful and conscious attitude, the way learning is practiced and the supporting teacher - student relationship. Le Petit Papillon is definitely an extraordinary Montessori school that provides everything you wish :-)), It's terrific!!!"

Regine & Tom Wolf



"In Spanish we call a Montessori teacher a "guide" as opposed to being called teachers. Because instead of telling students what to think, they guide our children to make their own discoveries.

Montessori is the Journey of learning how to learn."

The Janoff Family



"I love Montessori method because my daughter can learn by herself without barriers and develop her potential."

Diez de Ulzurrun Family



"What Montessori means to us: A happy, gregarious, and independent child. A child who is excited about school every day and at 2 and a half years can focus on an activity, respect her surroundings and others at home and in public, whether it be on a plane, in a store or a restaurant.  We know that our parenting efforts, coupled with the Montessori lessons at school, are helping our little girl turn into a life-long enthusiastic learner, as well as a confident and socially aware individual." 

The Skidmore Family



"It treats children like PEOPLE. It teaches them to become independent thinkers. It integrates nature with learning, home life with learning, organizational skills with learning; all  of these which are very extremely valuable tools used throughout life… It fosters independence, creativity, confidence, and compassion. It makes real and tactile that which is theoretical and intellectual allowing children to grasp complicated subjects; which they might otherwise not understand until much later in their development."

The Cohen Family



"What I really love about Montessori education is the environment where they get to explore new things every day and how they learn to respect each other in a peaceful way."

The Charlton Family



"What I like about my children having a Montessori Education is that it's a voyage of discovery. Instead of having facts fed to them to memorize, they unearth new aspects of the world around them in their own individual way. Through this process they can more easily learn what makes them special too."

Anne Schoennagel, M.D.
The Schoennagel Family



"A Montessori education helps children find their own voice and passion. It also gives them the tools to learn, get along with others, and reach their own potential. We are grateful of all the ways in which the Montessori education has expanded our daughter's mind and world view."

The Valente Family



"There are not enough words to describe our satisfaction and happiness about the Montessori educational program and Le Petit Papillon School, but we will try to do so.... The first and best indicator is, our kids growth and maturity in the short period of time they have been in school, and definitely they are more advanced than other kids at their same age. The way the talk, the way they think, the way they do things, their attitude in general... An impressive level of independency; showing us they can almost do everything by themselves... And for real, they can, much more than we can imagine and expect.nBut the most important thing for us, is the message they spread of kindness and love to the people around them,  it is priceless. We wish that our kids could be Montessori Graduates until they have to go to college. That would be our best gift as parents and best to for their future.

Thanks to all of you for helping us to raise our kids. Little people with big minds and hearts."

Mr. & Mrs. Gomez-Lizardo



"We love Montessori Education because it challenges the student at his or her own pace and gives them a noticeable sense of confidence and independence."

The Suley Family



"Montessori education promotes independence among the children and gives them the freedom to explore different things of interest to them in the classroom. The way they teach the alphabet is unique and really engages the students to learn. Montessori teaches the alphabet by the sound and that helps the child recognize the letter by the sound which gives the child an advantage among other children who aren't in Montessori."

The Mason Family



"I really like that children within the nurturing atmosphere of Great Foundation Montessori’s Early Childhood programs, they naturally work and play with interest and focus, developing a habit of concentration, and love of learning that will last them all their lives."

The Michaelov Family



"The Montessori platform has been an amazing experience for our daughter. The confidence our daughter has gained in such a short time has allowed her to "spread her wings" and learn not only in an academic sense but learn about herself and what she can achieve. The teaching method goes beyond the "basics". The teachers and leaders of the classroom and school are exceptional and provide a magical environment for our daughter to thrive. Simply put - it's awesome!"

The Jocelyn Family



"Given that our son is still learning how to express himself as a toddler, one thing is for sure, he is happy in the morning to go to school and he enjoys being with the other kids in his class. “ Mami skool mami skool” That in itself is a testimonial to the Montessori program and to Ms. Damarys and her Staff."

Thank you,

The Pharaons



"Montessori education nurtures the free spirit in every child.  It allows children to grow and learn without placing any limits on their creativity and knowledge.  Children emerge as confident self thinkers and doers."

The Montalenti Family



"We love the Montessori education because the environment and the teachers work for the uniqueness of the individual child instead of for the system."

The Woodyatt Family



"What I feel is great about Montessori education is how this method allows the children to develop the power of concentration."

The Ferraez Family



"I love Montessori education, because it truly nurtures each child’s individual personality and lets them grow into unique, independent, aware, and caring people. Through Montessori, my children are really able to hone their specific interests, while being exposed to so many topics and cultures that they wouldn’t otherwise know about.  The breadth of topics and the depth of information they learn is also incomparable. Montessori truly encourages my children’s curiosity and desire to ask questions, learn more, and be excited about learning."

The Shear Family