Art: Students learn pasting, ripping, cutting, drawing, and painting in open-ended projects that are appropriate and challenging for multiple developmental levels. 

Band: Elementary students learn all aspects of being in a band, including singing, playing musical instruments, and proper use of the equipment.

Ceramics: Students learn the basics of working with clay through guided, hands-on exercises and projects. After the clay is kiln fired, students learn painting and glazing techniques.

Cooking: Children acquire and perfect their cooking skills while practicing mixing, chopping, and preparing healthy meals and snacks. Class finishes with a snack prepared by the children.

Hip-Hop Dance: Pre-K children learn hip-hop dancing. Great exercise while having fun!



Sewing: Students are guided through beginning and intermediate sewing skills, including pinning patterns, cutting pieces, and sewing with a sewing machine. Projects become more challenging based on previously learned skills.

Sports: After school sports teach healthy, non-competitive activities to increase activity, build strength and agility, all while having fun!

Drama Club: Students assemble once a week to practice an original stage production that they will perform at the end of each semester. They are taught acting techniques, public speaking, collaboration, prop making, and set design.