Art: Students are introduced to the elements of art, including color, line, shape, scale and proportion, texture, background and foreground, value, and balance. Media includes drawing, painting, collage, and clay modeling. Art history covers a timeline, beginning with pre-Colombian art and progressing to contemporary art. 

Chess: Children exercise their brain while developing strategic skills, tactics, and endgames.

Music: The music curriculum combines individual and group work, with work designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles. The study of music offers significant opportunities to build community through performances, field trips, and assemblies.

PE: All Papillon Montessori sports curriculum units include stretching, running, basic movements, and games. Students participate in skill building games focusing on team building, learning individual strengths and areas for development, self-discipline, coordination, balance, endurance, sportsmanship, overall fitness, and skill building for specific sports.

Students are introduced to a variety of games and exercises, throwing and catching, relay races, obstacle courses, and drills. They also learn the fundamentals of soccer, basketball, and flag football, developing the ability to scrimmage and play games.

Robotics/Coding/Programming: Students acquire experience with mechanical design, construction, programming, and teamwork skills, using Lego building elements.

Spanish: The Spanish program is designed to enable students to speak and write their basic thoughts and questions in a second language. The curriculum utilizes a combination of speaking, writing, and activities that are often based on music, art, or Total Physical Response. Students learn to express themselves in a second language environment that promotes confidence and creativity.

Zumba: Pre-K children learn Zumba dancing. Great exercise while having fun!

Yoga: Students learn yoga and meditation techniques, developing body awareness, cooperation, good listening skills, and enhancing powers of observation. The ultimate goal is the joyful discovery of movement and its benefits, both physical and psychological.