Papillon Montessori is committed to protecting our planet. We are EDGE (Early Development of Global Education) certified and proud to be considered a Green School. We instill in our students a love and respect for the natural beauty of the environment. We also teach our pupils how to care for the planet by establishing the following guidelines:

  •     Teachers and children recycle waste.
  •     Each class maintains a garden.
  •     The entire school works together to maintain a greenhouse.
  •     We reduce paper waste by communicating electronically.
  •     We have field trips such as beach clean-ups to promote environmental awareness.
  •     We encourage healthy lunches and snacks.
  •     Each classroom contains plants to freshen the air.
  •     We conserve energy by turning off electronics and lights when not in use.
  •     We have an environmentally conscious curriculum.
  •     Students participate in community eco-art programs such as the Reclamation Project.

It’s up to all of us to keep our planet healthy and beautiful. We believe that by cultivating a “green” ethic within our students, we will help the environment thrive for centuries to come!