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Welcome to Le Petit Papillon

Le Petit Papillon Montessori School located in beautiful Miami Beach, is a community of educators, children, parents and extended family committed to the Montessori philosophy. Dr. Maria Montessori, whose life work centered on the care and education of children, so eloquently said, “Within the child lies the fate of the future.” It is our aim here at Le Petit Papillon Montessori School in Miami Beach to facilitate the child’s self-creation of the person he/she is to become. Le Petit Papillon Montessori School was founded by Mrs. Damarys Zarling, with a vision for our children and a goal for the City of Miami Beach. To provide them the best environment possible in order for the children to evolve academically, spiritually, and socially, so that our children would flourish into the adults of tomorrow.